Mezun Call is a prepaid phone service providing you the cheap rates of an International Call without the need to change long distance carriers. Mezun Call long distance services can be used with your home phone, cell phone and with any other private touch-tone phones.

The rates are displayed on the www.mezuncall.com web site. No access fees, surcharges, taxes or any hidden fees are charged unless otherwise stated. Additional charges may apply for calls made from Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, US Virgin Islands, Guam and Canada.

Using the Mezun Call service from your cell phone may accumulate charges to your wireless bill as you might be using your air time minutes even though you are calling an toll free (1-800) number. Pressing the pound (#) key may also accumulate charges to your wireless bill. For some wireless service providers, the pound key activates another line in which your wireless service connects the call for you instead of Mezun Call. In such cases, Mezun Call is not responsible for any charges that may accrue onto your cell phone bill.

A valid credit card is required to acquire service. You can also make a payment by check. In that case you will receive service once the check is cleared.

All International Rates are subject to change without notice. FCC mandated payphone surcharges of sixty-nine ($0.75) cents per call may apply. Calls originating from a payphone are subject to FCC mandated payphone fees. Card balances after 6 months of no use may become inactive.

Refund/Credit Policy and Cancellation Policy: This is a Pre-Paid phone calling service; accordingly, refunds will not be issued.

Cancellation of Service: The customer is free to cancel the service at anytime. Customers must call Mezun Call customer service to close their accounts. Certain restrictions may apply.